City of ancient buildings

City of ancient buildings

City of ancient buildings, great and small

One of the pleasures of walking round Winchester’s streets   is how many ancient and historic buildings survive. Many surround the quiet cathedral, others stand in busy streets. The high street has some fine medieval timber framed shops - and some later imitations!

A visit on a guided tour whether around the city centre, or to explore Winchester College is a perfect way to find out about the ancient capital or one of oldest schools in England.

Some of our pubs and restaurants are historic as well, including the Royal Oak, the Eclipse, and the old Chesil Rectory.

Do not miss the magnificent Great Hall of Winchester Castle where the “Round Table” of King Arthur hangs, or the ruins of the castle of the Bishops of Winchester, Wolvesey palace.

While out walking around Winchester look out for the many walls (and some buildings too) made from the flint which comes from the surrounding chalk hills, and another fun feature, the wide variety of door knockers to be found.